Moore’s commitment to keep MSU on top

Moore’s commitment to keep MSU on top

Rodney Moore

Rodney Moore, a professional in the animal genetics industry and two-time Mississippi State University graduate, is generously giving back to his alma mater by pledging additional financial support to the Rodney Moore Family Annual Scholarship and investing in a new MSU livestock facility. 

For Moore, this act of giving back is an expression of gratitude for the opportunities and nurturing he received. Hailing from Enterprise, he earned his bachelor's degree in animal science in 1972 and later completed a master's in animal nutrition and genetics in 1974. 

Following his education, Moore dedicated over 25 years to working in various roles for two animal genetics companies, including district and regional sales manager. In 2000, he ventured into entrepreneurship by purchasing a franchise with Express Employment Professional, which he successfully grew into a high-volume business over the next 22 years before selling it in late 2022. 

Reflecting on his journey, Moore acknowledges the assistance he received along the way and is committed to paying it forward. He remarked, "In my life, many people have helped me in many ways to provide excellent leadership, advice, motivation and support. This has shaped me into the person I am today. My goal each day is to be kind and help others." 

Moore's continued support of The Rodney Moore Family Annual Scholarship, established in the animal and dairy sciences department, exemplifies his kindness and desire to assist. The scholarship fund, benefiting full-time undergraduate students studying production management and business within the department, has aided 14 students since its inception. By further backing his scholarship program, Moore is generously aiding future generations of capable and excellent students. 

In addition to the scholarship, Moore is committed to the Rodney Moore and Family Livestock Judging Facility Support Fund, which will contribute to the construction of a new Livestock Judging Pavilion and Evaluation Laboratory at MSU’s South Farm. The facility will serve as the university’s collegiate judging team's home and provide space for regional and national judging events, animal evaluation research, outreach and instruction. 

Inspired by his positive experiences in 4-H livestock judging, Moore is passionate about offering similar opportunities to current students. He said, "My first experience in livestock judging was through 4-H. Our Clarke County team traveled extensively across Mississippi for livestock contests. This valuable experience provided training on how to best evaluate the physical characteristics of livestock. Equally important was the training to make judging decisions within 10 minutes and then relate my thought process in oral reasons to a contest official. Thus, it became clear that I would like to see other Mississippi State students experience this excellent training." 

The Livestock Judging Team, with a tradition dating back to the 1920s, holds a significant place at the university. Under the leadership of two-time MSU alumna Alexandra Pittman, who is one of the youngest college livestock judging team leaders in the country, MSU’s team has experienced considerable success and continues to grow. Pittman, also an animal and dairy sciences instructor, emphasized the importance of Moore’s contributions.  

"This is a huge opportunity for us to better prepare our current students through innovative teaching and to expand our recruitment efforts,” she said. “Support for the new pavilion and lab will allow us to maintain top-notch facilities while enhancing the national prominence and competitiveness of our program."

Alumni support, such as Moore's, plays a crucial role in providing facilities, resources, and cutting-edge technologies that enhance the learning process. This fosters the development of career-ready graduates who bring fresh innovations to traditional methods, contributing to the growth of their fields. 

In Moore's words, giving back is essential for maintaining the MSU community's excellence. He said, "Mississippi State University is the home of thousands of successful alumni who love their university. I encourage alumni to set up a monthly or yearly budget to contribute because, when it comes to MSU's ability to continue attracting the best students, our gifts will have a positive impact." 

To learn more about the livestock judging facility project, current naming opportunities, and other ways to support the Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences, please contact Lacey Gordon, assistant director of development for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, at 662-325-6312 or