Felicia Caples Honors Husband with an Endowed Scholarship

Felicia Caples Honors Husband with an Endowed Scholarship

Danny Caples

Danny Hugh Caples’ unwavering determination and passion for electrical engineering have left an indelible mark on the MSU community and all who knew him. To honor his legacy and inspire future generations, his wife, Felecia Caples, established the Danny Caples Endowed Scholarship at Mississippi State University. 

When young Danny Caples told his high school guidance counselor of his ambition to become an electrical engineer, he was met with skepticism. “Son, you don’t even have the necessary math courses to pursue engineering,” the counselor said. Undeterred, Danny sought help from his sister, a math teacher, and quickly caught up on his math courses. 

Danny’s determination defined his life and career. Born on June 25, 1959, in Pontotoc, Mississippi, he developed a passion for working with electricity early on. After transferring to Mississippi State University, he graduated in 1985 with a degree in electrical engineering from the Bagley College of Engineering. 

His professional journey was marked by dedication and innovation. At Citizens Electric in Arizona, he played a crucial role in developing a program akin to SCADA, revolutionizing power outage monitoring and restoration.  

Danny had a wish to give back to his alma mater by providing scholarship opportunities to students who would develop the same passion for engineering that he had. Felecia honored his wish by establishing the Danny Caples Endowed Scholarship which will continue his legacy in perpetuity. 

The scholarship supports full-time students pursuing a degree in electrical engineering, maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA, and expressing an interest in power distribution and community involvement. Preference is given to students from Mississippi, ensuring that Danny’s legacy supports those from his home state. 

“Danny knew how hard it was to pursue an engineering degree, especially when you’re not at the top of your class,” Felecia explained. “He wanted to ease that burden for others and encourage them to be involved in their communities.” 

The Danny Caples Endowed Scholarship ensures that Danny’s dedication to learning and community service will continue to inspire future engineers. “Danny’s legacy is love, dedication, and giving back. Through this scholarship, his spirit will live on, helping students achieve their dreams and positively impact their communities,” Felecia said.