Funding Provides Support for Supply Chain Education

Funding Provides Support for Supply Chain Education

Ken Ezelle

MSU alum Ken Ezelle is transforming supply chain education at Mississippi State University. His dedication to education and his commitment to helping forge new student leaders has led to the creation of the Universal Logistics Services Supply Chain Advancement Fund. This fund aims to provide students with unparalleled resources and industry insights.  

Ezelle’s connection to MSU and the logistics industry inspired his support of the program. “As a logistics professional, I saw the opportunity to support the new supply chain major at MSU. I want to give back to my university and use my industry experience to provide real-world insights to students,” Ezelle said. 

The Advancement Fund will help integrate McLeod Software into the curriculum. McLeod Software is one of the industry’s leading Transportation Management Systems (TMS), offering a comprehensive suite of end-to-end solutions that cover every aspect of transportation and general business operations. This includes cost management, pricing strategies, bids, payroll, accounting, billing, and much more. 

Access to McLeod's real-time data and extensive toolset offers students unique opportunities to apply learned technologies and analytical tools in real-world scenarios. This hands-on experience with industry-standard technologies and business practices equips students to confidently tackle modern challenges as they enter the workforce. 

“McLeod Software has been a cornerstone in our operations for over 15 years. Partnering with MSU allows students to learn industry-standard technology,” Ezelle said. 

Christopher Boone, a professor in the Supply Chain Logistics program, emphasized the transformative impact of Ezelle’s support. “This gift is a game-changer, allowing us to incorporate state-of-the-art software into our curriculum and give students hands-on experience,” Boone said. 

Boone highlighted the broader benefits of alumni support, including company-sponsored projects, industry conferences, and on-campus events, which enrich the learning environment and enhance students' career readiness. 

“There has never been a more exciting time to engage with MSU’s Supply Chain Logistics program. Your gifts and involvement will shape the future of this program and prepare the next generation of supply chain professionals,” Boone said.  

Ezelle’s vision for the program is clear: to make MSU’s Supply Chain Logistics program a leading destination for future professionals. “I want the MSU supply chain major to be the top choice for students and employers alike,” he expressed. 

As MSU’s Supply Chain Logistics program continues to grow, the impact of future support will be pivotal in shaping the careers of future logistics professionals and advancing the university’s mission of excellence.