Bulldog Forests

Bulldog Forests

A Gift of Timberland

A gift of timberland, whether outright or through your will, provides a unique opportunity to see your land managed and enhanced while benefiting MSU students, faculty and countless others who are touched by Mississippi State University.

The Bulldog Forest was established to receive and manage gifts of land to the MSU Foundation. Our world-renowned professionals in the College of Forest Resources will manage your property as if it were their own. There are a number of potential uses for your land. Among them are:

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Timber Sales
  • Hunting Leases
  • Recreation
  • Mineral Leases

Proceeds generated from your land may be used to fund scholarships, endow faculty positions, make campus improvements, support programs and activities and provide for professional continuing education within any college or area on campus. You, the donor, may choose to direct your gift in whatever manner you feel led. Donating land to MSU's Bulldog Forest allows donors to leave a lasting legacy in their family name.

Many types of property can be considered for the Bulldog Forest, whether they are existing stands of timber or other properties that can be managed long-term. Prior to acceptance, each tract must be approved by the MSU Foundation Real Estate Team. Gifts may be made in many forms. A brief overview of the benefits of each can be found here.