Real Estate Giving

Real Estate Giving

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Giving A Gift Of Real Estate

"I want to support Mississippi State University, but I am unable to make a large cash gift at this time." | "My investment property has appreciated as much as it's going to. I can't afford the capital gains taxes if I sell it now."  | "This land has been in my family for generations. I want to ensure that others will benefit from it." 

A large number of alumni and friends are interested in contributing to the future success of Mississippi State University. Unfortunately, many of these potential donors often overlook a valuable resource for making that contribution - property.

Statistics show that one-third to one-half of a person's wealth is often held in real estate. Real estate is a valuable asset and a sound investment which can provide the property owner with immeasurable benefits, not the least of which is the pride of simply owning a piece of land. Whether it's a home, timberland or a condo at the beach, most of us own property.

As a property owner, you also know that ownership has its downside. Capital gains tax on the sale of property can be severe, and simply caring for land or property can be a significant strain on both your time and financial resources.

Mississippi State University has developed two programs to help you utilize your real estate in a meaningful way - Bulldog Properties and Bulldog Forest. Both avenues have the benefit of helping MSU students and investing in the betterment of our institution. At a time when less than one-third of MSU's total budget comes from state revenues, private donations are essential to our quest for excellence.

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Types of Property That Can be Given

"I gave my land to Mississippi State for estate planning – looking to the future for my family and me. I also gave it at this time for the current tax advantages instead of giving at my death when only my estate would benefit." – Col. K.D. Johnson



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